Карпаты Затока Киев


Resort Zatoka, Odessa region

       ЗатокаZatoka resort is located in an amazing, unique place in Ukraine. Zatoka - is a sandy spit, stretching over 20 kilometers, washed by the salty waters of the Black Sea, freshwater Dniester and bitter-salty Shabolatskogo estuaries. The region is divided into three districts: Central (village Zatoka), Sunny, Liman (got its name from the train station). The village is located on a sand spit, a width of 900 meters between the Black Sea and the Dniester estuary. 40-50 years ago the Spit, where the settlement was wider. Dnestr estuary 30-40 years blurred the scythe of 100-150 m


And what about those who does not belong to the fans grilling in the sun?

For them Zatoka provides other entertainment: riding on boats, ships, parachutes, water slides, tennis courts, jet skis, libraries, cinemas, windsurfing. Well, when evening comes, you are waiting for night clubs, billiard halls, restaurants, located right on the beach. True lovers of Southern cuisine poteshat his soul present a double fishermans soup and Bessarabian dishes prepared in this peasant oven.

      рыбалка   The abundance of vegetables, fruits, herbs, fish makes it possible to vary the power to satisfy the individual needs of tourists, and to fully restore and replenish your body with vitamins stock, available in abundance on the five markets Шабо  региона. This is where the fishermen can really feel the charm of fish! Pike-perch, gobies, flounder, eel - and all this in just one Zatoka. Zatoka - is not just a soft murmur of the Black Sea, its waves rolled on the sandy beach, the sun, caressing the skin and a sense of peace, but also the opportunity to taste great vintage wines of the famous Shabo cellars - this day is a modern Cultural Center Shabo wine.


      recreation agencies take tourists on a family vacation with the kids, with the children running video halls, video, gaming rooms, rental items, table tennis, swings, roundabouts, trampolines, badminton, games room. Clear sea, well-groomed sandy beach, attentive staff will help create the conditions for an unforgettable vacation!

img02Relatively speaking, we call the whole resort - Zatoka - a climatic region with beautiful beaches on the coast. And what is becoming the Black Sea tan tourists soaking up the velvet sand, which can be found except in the Karlovy Vary! Gentle morning and evening breezes give this corner of fabulousness and comfort.


      In 2007, Zatoka was opened a new central avenue that runs from the center of the village Zatoka - to the sea. It has become a decoration of the resort and place travelers evening stroll before going to sleep the night or to the entertainment in numerous clubs, cafes and restaurants.

         34In the village is the Dniester beacon that helps ships safely pass Tsar grad Arm, connecting the Dniester estuary and the Black Sea. Now Zatoka lives zatokovchan 800 through the village passes the important railway branch connects many cities and republican highway and by sea - international water route. In Zatoka working seaport "Bugaz" - a branch of Belgorod-Dniester trading port.


        Солнечная3 But the main asset of Zatoka, Sergeyevka, Carolino Bugaz are - unquestionably - golden sands, warm sea, sunny days, fruits, wine and hospitality of the locals. Come to Zatoka and know happiness, peace and freedom!

           Soft and warm climate, the sea breeze, mud, gentle sun - all this attracts thousands of tourists, so _8285186Inflow is widely known as a popular resort in the south of Ukraine. During the summer, the resort area beaches while resting over 150 thousand visitors. And just strengthen your health to 600 thousand guests at recreation centers, in boarding houses, sanatoriums. Beautiful evening Zatoka. Colored lights shimmer advertising bars, restaurants, cinemas, discos, amusement park.

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